VIDEO: British football manager mocks Maltese players as ‘supermarket counter workers’

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Maltese citizens have been accustomed to being used by figures abroad for unpalatable comparisons which generally irk the population leading to a veritable social media storm. Sometimes, these facts however would be correct, as happened last year, when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson became the target after saying that only the Maltese were more obese than the British. Locals had inundated the various social networks slamming the British PM for daring to make such odious comparisons.

This time it was Harry Redknapp’s turn to put Malta into the picture, this time round perhaps erroneously. The former AFC Bournemouth, West Ham United, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Queens Park Rangers and Birmingham City manager was analysing the performances of the England’s national team, highlighting how the Three Lions often dominate their opponents in the qualification stages only to disappoint in international tournaments such as the World Cup and the European Championships.

The video of Redknapp re-emerged on social media following the match England played against San Marino.

Speaking on BT Sport after the latest round of internation games, Redknapp fumed: “We don’t win anything!” Redknapp said on BT Sport. “We qualify, we beat all these teams, 10 out of 10 we win. We get to the tournament – useless.”I’ve even lost interest, I’m sitting the other night and not even watching the game.”

To prove his point, Redknapp claims to have heard the commentator say that some of Malta’s players work at supermarket checkout counter, prompting laughter in the studio. “I’m thinking, ‘what am I watching this for?” asks Redknapp.

The last time Malta played England was back in 2017 making the statement by the British pundit highly dubious.

Sharp-eyed football enthusiasts noted that this claim by Redknapp indeed dates back to this encounter.

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