Watch – The Pianist of Lviv playing Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World at Train Station

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A video of an accomplished pianist playing Louis Armstrong’s song “What a Wonderful World” outside Lviv station has gone viral on social media.

Thousands of people fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine are waiting for hours outside the railway station at the western city of Lviv to board trains heading to Poland.

Hundreds more people lined up in flurries of snow on the station forecourt, warming themselves on oil-drum braziers or lining up for hot food and drinks served by volunteers. Many women were in tears or on the verge of tears, their weary children standing silently beside them. Others carried cats in baskets or pulled shivering dogs on leashes. The longest line was for free buses to neighbouring Poland for women, children and older men. Men of fighting age are not permitted to leave Ukraine. Other women shuffled with their children through a crowded tunnel leading to a platform where were four or five trains a day leave for Poland. But people were not being allowed to bring big luggage on board.

The song, published by Louis Armstrong in 1967, is an ode to the beauty of the world.

Via Reuters – Twitter WioNewsAndrew Rc Marshall

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