Wednesday Morning Briefing

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Good morning

Here’s your morning briefing with some of the main news as reported in Malta, Europe and around the globe.

AP Mexico AeroMexicoAn Aeromexico jetliner crashed while taking off during a severe storm in northern Mexico on Tuesday, smacking down in a field nearly intact then catching fire, but officials said everyone on board escaped alive.thechoicedistrict (1)

Newspaper Headlines MaltaThe Maltese Newspapers report the gruelling details related to the murder of Hugo Chetcuti. The Times says that footage, described in court yesterday ,shows that the knife attack on Hugo Chetcuti, who died a few days later, lasted just seconds. The victim suffered two stab wounds that punctured his intestines in three places. A V-shaped wound indicated that the knife used, having a 15 to 16 cm blade and one cutting edge, had been twisted before being pulled out. The wounds were compatible to the weapon found inside a holster, the court heard. The Malta Independent chooses the fact that Hugo Chetcuti died on operating table while pacemaker was being fitted as its leading point.

Manchester BetrayalThe suicide bomber who killed 22 people during Ariana Grande’s concert at Manchester Arena in 2017 was rescued by the Navy from war-torn Libya via Malta three years before his pop concert atrocity, the Mail revealed. thechoicedistrict (1)

Newspaper Headlines MaltaThe Times of Malta leads with the story that severe poverty is, for the first time in a decade, being experienced by less than a fifth of the population, though more people face the risk of poverty, according to official figures.The National Statistics Office said 16.8 per cent of the population was at risk of poverty in 2016. That translates into 72,143 people, with the rate being highest among those aged 65 and over. Just over a fifth, or 21 per cent, of those under 18 were considered to be at risk, and the figure dropped to 13.1 per cent in the 18 to 64 age bracket.

Newspaper Headlines MaltaThe Malta Independent reports that the PN MPs who resisted Simon Busuttil’s suspension call never intended to ‘depose him as leader’. Maltatoday reports that Simon Busuttil and Pierre Portelli have not been indicated by name in the Egrant inquiry for further criminal investigation, MaltaToday is informed. But the former Opposition leader may still be called in for questioning by the police over certain findings highlighted by the magistrate, sources close to the inquiry said.

Copy of Copy of Brexit Update (1)EU’s chief negotiator has softened his opposition to Theresa May’s post-Brexit plan for London’s financial services industry after UK negotiators acknowledged Brussels would have ultimate control over the City’s access to European markets.

Sky TG 24 MigrationNicola Fratoianni, a member of Liberi and Uguali the Ace 28, a support vessel to an oil rig, was involved in the rescue operations of a dinghy with 108 people on board. The operative room of Rome gave indications to coordinate with the Libyan Coast Guard and, taken on board the people, the Asso 28 followed the directions and disembarked them in the port of Tripoli. If the transfer to Tripoli took place on the indication or instruction of the Italian coast guard than “it would be a very serious precedent” and would be the first refusal of an Italian ship. thechoicedistrict (1)

US IRAnDonald Trump has said he would “certainly meet” Iranian president Hassan Rouhani without preconditions, a move that was later rejected by Trump’s own administration and one of Rouhani’s advisers.thechoicedistrict (1)

macron 24FRENCH president Emmanuel Macron survived an unexpected no-confidence vote over claims his government covered up a scandal involving his ex-bodyguard known as the Benalla affair.thechoicedistrict (1)

fire californiaFirefighters have made some progress against California’s deadliest current wildfire, which had been getting larger, officials say.

Newspaper Headlines MaltaMaltaToday reports that patients at the Gozo General Hospital are expected to experience delays as from today due to a shortage of medical consultants.

Newspaper Headlines MaltaIn another story MaltaToday reports that drivers are expected to find an increase in the price of fuel of 5c per litre on practically all fuels.

Health ChinaThe New York Times reports that more than two dozen Chinese parents, shouting phrases including “Justice for the victims,” gathered outside a government building in Beijing on Monday to protest a vaccine scandal that has become one of the most visible public health crises in China in recent years.

media UKMore than half of 18 to 34-year-olds feel that reality TV and social media have a negative effect on how they see their bodies, a survey has found.

Zimbabwe electionsZimbabwe’s opposition says its candidate, Nelson Chamisa, has won Monday’s presidential election.thechoicedistrict (1)

FB riggingDozens of Facebook fake accounts are being used to try and change the result of November’s U.S. midterm election, the company reported. But it is not clear what the secretive group were actually trying to do, or how they were planning to do it. This comes amidst scrutiny of Facebook and the controversies about Russian inteference in elections.thechoicedistrict (1)

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