Who is new Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Recean?

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CHISINAU (Reuters) – Moldovan parliament approved pro-Western politician Dorin Recean on Thursday as the tiny former Soviet republic’s prime minister.

Here are some facts about Recean:


Recean is an experienced politician who has held a number of senior positions in Moldova’s government. He served as interior minister from 2012 to 2015 under two prime ministers, and was the first civilian to hold the post.

Recean spearheaded several important reforms, bringing Moldova closer to European Union standards. Before that, he was deputy minister for Information and Communication Technology.

Immediately before his nomination as prime minister, he was serving as Secretary of the Supreme Security Council, an advisory body on national security and military matters.


Recean has said he plans to continue Moldova’s pursuit of European Union membership.

“The new government will have three priorities: Order and discipline, a new life and economy, and peace and stability,” he said after his nomination last week. “The new government will continue the implementation of Moldova’s strategic course – integration into the European Union.”

In a draft programme entitled “Prosperous, Secure, European Moldova,” the new government said it wanted prosperous citizens, strong and transparent institutions, and a competitive business environment where the state did not create obstacles.

“We want to live in a safe world where international treaties are respected, where problems between countries are resolved through dialogue, where there is respect for small states. We want to be full members of the European Union,” it said.


Recean has extensive experience in the private sector and in the IT industry, with a specialisation in data, including big data, and information analysis. He also worked in development institutions and lectured in several universities.


Recean was born on March 17, 1974. He graduated from Moldova’s Academy of Economic Studies and then got a degree from Newport International University’s Belgium branch in 2000. He is married and has two children.

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