WHO warns that Europe is still “in the midst of a storm”

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Despite optimistic signs that there have been declining numbers of new Covid-19 cases in some European countries, the World Health Organization’s regional director for the continent warns “we remain in the midst of a storm”.

Hans Kluge, WHO Europe’s regional director, at a press briefing,  said that about 50% of the global burden of COVID-19 is in Europe. He added that sadly, over 84,000 people in Europe have lost their lives to the virus.

He warned that several countries are yet to feel its full impact, while others are experiencing a lull as numbers of new cases of COVID-19 are falling.

On the other hand he added that the 10 countries in the Europe with the highest numbers of cases, there have been optimistic signs in terms of declining numbers in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Switzerland in recent weeks.

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