Will Boeing win confidence again?

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When have you ever been bothered about the type of aircraft you’re flying on? The airline will happily tell you which model it is, and furnish you with all sorts of details about its dimensions, wingspan, and so on. And you don’t want to know.

As far as you’re concerned, an airplane is an airplane. It’s to get you from A to B as quickly, and in as much comfort, and as safely, as possible. But if you’re aware that this particular variety has a chequered history, that it’s been modified after having been taken out of service following two disastrous crashes, you might, suddenly, take a keen interest. You would, wouldn’t you?

That is the challenge Boeing and its airline and leasing customers now face as they begin the process of getting the US manufacturer’s 737 Max back in the air, and back to the point where passengers board it without a second thought.

That’s the real struggle, that last bit. The Max 737’s battle for hearts and minds has yet to begin.

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