World Medical Association criticizes German decision to make public wear face masks

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The president of the World Medical Association, a federation of national medical associations, has criticized the decision taken by all German states to require residents to wear face masks in public.

“I wear a mask out of politeness and solidarity, but I think making it a legal requirement is the wrong move,” association president Frank Ulrich Montgomery told German daily the Rheinische Post. “People wearing masks think they are safe, and they forget the most important factor, which is keeping a minimum distance from other people.”

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Montgomery added that wearing the masks improperly could be more dangerous than not wearing them at all. The virus collects in the fabric of the mask, which makes it very easy to become infected when removing it from your face, he explained.

He said only real medical face masks should be required and that requiring the use of scarves or other fabric is “laughable.”

At the same time, he said, all “truly effective masks” need to be reserved for use by medical personal.

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