X factor and Amici singer Michele Merlo dies of Leukaemia at 28

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Italian singer Michele Merlo who took part as a competitor of X Factor and Amici died at the age of 28, late last night.

Merlo was hospitalised in the intensive care unit of the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna after being struck, on the night between Thursday and Friday, by a cerebral haemorrhage triggered by leukaemia and undergoing delicate surgery.

Michele Merlo had been feeling unwell for days and on Wednesday he had gone to the emergency room of another hospital in Bologna, which, probably, exchanging the symptoms described for a different, trivial viral form, was sent home.

Even during the intervention requested at the Emergency Room, on Thursday evening, it seems that the gravity of the situation was not immediately clear.

“The Merlo family also wanted to” categorically deny what some uninformed people write on social media: Michele was not in no way vaccinated against Covid. Michele was struck by a severe form of fulminant leukaemia that primarily affects young people.


Photo Michele Merlo Facebook Page