Young Poles and Spaniards the least optimistic in the EU, Maltese, Latvian and Slovenian the most

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Just 37% of young Poles say they are optimistic about their future. Only Spain, with a figure of 35%, had a lower result among European Union countries.

The findings come from a report published by Eurofound, an EU research agency, which concluded that the COVID-19 crisis has hit young people particularly hard in terms of job losses as well as life satisfaction and mental wellbeing

Among the questions asked was whether respondents, aged 18 to 29, agreed with the statement “I am optimistic about my future”. The average across the whole EU during the last round of the survey, in spring 2021, was just under 50%. The highest figures, of around 70%, were recorded in Malta, Latvia and Slovenia.

Whereas young Spaniards’ pessimism may be linked to having the EU’s highest youth unemployment ratio, this was a less important factor in Poland. As the report notes, the country has the second lowest ratio in the bloc, at under 4% in 2020, behind only Czechia.

Poland did, however, have a relatively high proportion of young people – 9% – who transitioned from employment into unemployment during the pandemic. Only four other member states had higher figures.

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