Zimbabwe declares cholera outbreak in Harare after 20 died and 2,000 persons infected

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Zimbabwe declared a cholera outbreak in the capital Harare after 20 died from the disease and more than 2,000 people were infected after drinking contaminated water, new Health Minister Obadiah Moyo said on Tuesday.

The New York Times: 

A cholera outbreak in the capital of Zimbabwe has killed at least 20 people and sickened 2,000 others in the past week, the country’s new health minister said on Tuesday, declaring a state of emergency.

“The city of Harare, they’re the big problem,” the health minister, Obadiah Moyo, told reporters. “This whole problem is a result of blocked sewers. And these were reported and were never repaired for at least two months.”

“As we speak,” he added, “I’m told by the mayor that they are busy repairing the blocked sewers.”

New York Times 

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