Malta – 150 deaths each year linked to mental health concerns – Mental Health Commissioner

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Over 100 deaths each year are linked to mental health concerns, with two to three deaths each month attributed to suicide, the Mental Health Commissioner John Cachia said.

He insisted it was essential to invest in mental health, since it indirectly helps family, workplaces and social security. Benefits also include a reduction in chronic illnesses and an improvement in mortality rates.

He was speaking during a visit of the Social Solidarity Ministry and the Prime Minister’s wife to the Richmond Foundation.

Social Solidarity Minister Michael Falzon said that the government’s main aim is to give support to whoever is passing through social challenges, including mental health ones. He referred to the agreement signed with the Richmond Foundation that provided €2 million over three years. This ensures that the Richmond Foundation can run Villa Chelsea, KIDs and the Supported Housing Scheme.

The wife of the Prime Minister, Lydia Abela, remarked how this agreement seals social agreements so that organisations like Richmond can provide the best service possible.

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