168 million children worldwide have missed school for a year

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Worldwide, more than 168 million children have had their schools completely shut for almost a year, according to UNICEF, due to coronavirus lockdowns.

One in seven children – 214 million – have missed more than three-quarters of in-person learning.

The study also found that two thirds of countries that have remained largely closed are in Latin America and the Caribbean, affecting nearly 98 million and that off the 14 countries, Panama has kept schools closed for the most days, followed by El Salvador, Bangladesh, and Bolivia.

Unicef explains the impact of school closures which, they say “have devastating consequences for children’s learning and wellbeing. The most vulnerable children and those unable to access remote learning are at an increased risk of never returning to the classroom, and even being forced into child marriage or child labor.”

Main Photo: A teacher stands in an empty classroom and uses an iPad to teach children at home, at the closed elementary school ‘Am Weyer’ in Dinslaken, Germany. EPA-EFE/SASCHA STEINBACH

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