40% of Americans believe civil war is likely in next 10 years

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A staggering 40% of Americans think that civil war is at least somewhat likely in the next 10 years, according to a new survey – a figure that increases to more than half of voters who identify as “strong Republicans”.

Following years of strong rightist rhetoric by Trump allies and supporters, the results of a poll carried out by YoGov and the Economist, follow similar results in other polls. Last week, the South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham predicted “riots in the streets” if Trump is indicted over his retention of classified documents after leaving the White House, materials recovered by the FBI at Trump’s home this month.

On Monday, Mary McCord, a former acting deputy attorney general, told CNN it was “incredibly irresponsible for an elected official to basically make veiled threats of violence, just if law enforcement and the Department of Justice … does their job”.

66% of Americans believe that political divisions in their country have gotten worse since the beginning of 2021, compared to only 8% who say the country has grown less divided. Few see things improving in the coming years: 62% expect an increase in political divisions.

A similar share (63%) to the proportion who say political divisions have worsened (66%) say political violence has increased since the start of 2021. Three in five Americans (60%) anticipate an increase in political violence in the next few years and only 9% expect political violence to decline.

via The Guardian

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