Acting President signs IVF bill as President travels to UK / Malta News Briefing

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Times of Malta says a woman who swindled three unsuspecting victims out of some €470,000 – which she claimed to need for cancer treatment but actually spent on gambling – has been jailed four years and fined €70,000.

MaltaToday says the justice ministry is keeping at arm’s length from criticism being levelled at the Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg.

Newsbook says the man who was murdered in Marsa after he was fatally stabbed during an argument has been identified as a 21-year-old Egyptian.

TVM says A 36-year-old Albanian national, a resident of St Paul’s Bay, has sustained grievous injuries after being involved in an accident in a Żejtun factory.

Updated 1300 – Mid-Day Briefing

Acting President signs IVF bill as President travels to UK: Acting President Frank Bezzina has signed a bill reforming IVF treatment into law earlier today. He took up the position after President George Vella travelled to Birmingham. The reform allows doctors to perform genetic testing on IVF embryos and indefinitely freeze those carrying rare and severe diseases. It was approved by support from both parties, although three PN MPs voted against. President Vella had expressed his uneasiness towards signing the reform into law but insisted that the reform would go through.

MUT leads protest on Mallia sacking: A sizeable number of teachers, parents and students protested this morning against the dismissal of Mario Mallia, the head of school of St Albert the Great in Valletta for 16 years. Meanwhile, the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) announced trade disputes against the Dominican Order, which runs the Valletta school, and the Catholic Education Secretariat. Mario Bonnici, MUT President revealed that the Order had threatened three staff members planning to attend the MUT protest with legal letters.

Covid-19 Update:  97 cases of Covid-19 were announced today. One person died, the health authorities said.

Morning Briefing

41-year-old handed suspended sentence on romance fraud

A 41-year-old Maltese national, who was extradited to Malta in June to face money laundering charges linked to romance fraud has been handed a suspended sentence and ordered to reimburse the victim whose “kindness and generosity” he exploited. Johnson Anene, who is Nigerian, pleaded guilty to money laundering, receiving stolen property and recidivism. (Times of Malta)

Malta negotiates exemption to new EU gas plan

Malta has secured an exemption from a new EU gas plan aimed at voluntarily cutting gas use by 15% from August to March.
The cuts could be made binding in a supply emergency, but countries agreed to exempt numerous countries and industries, after some governments pushed back the proposal. Energy Minister Miriam Dalli said that wWe stand united together with the rest of the European Union in sending a strong signal of solidarity and cooperation to safeguard our citizens and ensure security of supply”, insisting that Malta “will continue working hard to increase [its] share of renewables and incentives for businesses and households, to promote a switch to energy-efficient operations and renewable energy models”. (Independent/CDE.News)

Tourism increases by 47% but remains below pre-Covid levels

Malta registered a 47% increase in tourist visits in 2021, a National Statistics Office report has shown. While 2.7 million tourists visited the country in 2019, 968,136 tourists visited Malta in 2021. The total expenditure for 2021 was 91% more than that of 2020, and the total nights spent increased by 60%. (Maltatoday)

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