5 euro ticket introduced for entrance to Rome’s Pantheon

photo of people walking in front of pantheon roman temple in rome italy
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Visitors will have to pay 5 euro to visit Rome’s landmark Pantheon monument under an agreement signed by the ministry of culture and the church’s governing body on Thursday.

The entrance fee will not apply to worshippers at the former Roman temple, which was built by Roman statesman Marcus Agrippa around 25 BC and consacrated as a place of Catholic worship dedicated to Santa Maria ad Martyres in 609.

Rome residents, minors and other special categories including disabled visitors and the people accompanying them will also be exempt from payment, while people aged 18-25 will be able to access the monument at a reduced price of 2 euro.

Under the agreement, 70% of the income generated through ticket sales will go to the culture ministry, which will have responsibility for upkeep and cleaning, and 30% to the Rome diocese, which will use the money for charity and to maintain and restore other state-owned churches located within its area.

The entrance fee will be enforced once technical provisions have been made relating to ticket sales.


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