500 Maltese in Belgium set to be affected by Belgium’s confinement order

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The Belgian Prime Minister is set to announce new measures for the Belgians including the mandatory confinement which is expected to enter in vigour from tomorrow and should last till April 4th.

This means that people will have to stay indoors and are only allowed to go out for a valid reason.

These include  to go out for work, food, medicines and some other vital needs.

No groupings of more than two people are allowed, under the new decree.

Where possible, workers are advised to do teleworking. Even supermarkets activity will be have limited access, where there has to be 1 person per 10sq m. Hairdressers are going to be allowed to operate, one person at a time.

On Tuesday the EU Council held a meeting (Via Video) n order to discuss calls by the bloc’s executive, already heeded by France and Germany, to shut down the external borders of the Schengen zone.

The Bulletin (in Belgium) reports that Belgium’s national security council met on Tuesday afternoon to discuss extended measures against coronavirus. The move follows the shutdown of bars, cafes and restaurants last weekend.

Essential outings will still be allowed – to buy food and medicine, attend a medical appointment, help an elderly relative or go to work if a job cannot be done remotely.

Outdoor exercise – walking, jogging or cycling – will still be allowed, but only with someone from the same household. Everyone is advised to keep a distance of 1.5m from each other. Public transport will continue to run.

Stores will impose a limit of one customer per 10m² of retail space – and retail federation Comeos says customers should do their shopping alone. Lines will be drawn on the floor to show the minimum one-metre distance to be kept when queuing.

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