A budget without a Vision for Tomorrow – PN

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“We are living in extraordinary times and we would have expected extraordinary measures from tonight’s budget”, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said in his reaction to the budget. “These were recycled measures we have heard over the years,” he said, adding that the budget measures are short-term fixes but do not look at long-term effects of the pandemic.

Bernard Grech described Budget 2021 as an “X-ray of a tired and visionless government. This is reflected in the government’s admission, in the budget speech, that it still has to draft the short-term strategy and economic vision for the coming ten years.”

The Opposition lamted that despite the use of a number of buzzwords related to the digital economy, the Budget contains no specific measures indicating how this will be addressed. Rather, the budget includes a number

“This is a budget that does not look at tomorrow. This is an incompetent government that failed and buckled under the first waves. Our country needs direction. It needs hope that can only be given to it by the Nationalist Party.”

Addressing a post-budget press conference, the Opposition leader welcomed a number of immediate initiatives which he described as necessary, noting that the vouchers measure, which was originally proposed by the PN, had been extended. However, the country also needed a long-term framework for the country that could diversify and transform the economy.

He said the PN would do what the government had failed and accordingly would be giving details of its economic vision in the days and weeks ahead.

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