A small royal statue of a sphinx uncovered in Egypt

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A small royal statue of a sphinx was uncovered in Tuna El-Gebel archaeological area in Minya governorate, Upper Egypt.

The newly discovered sphinx which is made of limestone was uncovered by Egyptian Archaeological Mission headed by Sayed Abdel-Malek.

Director General of the Antiquities of Middle Egypt Gamal El-Samastawy said that the sphinx measures about 35cm in height and 55cm in width.

The mission also has found collections of ancient amulets in addition to potteries of various forms and sizes.

Tuna el Gebel area in Minya governorate is among the archaeological sites that contain plenty of ancient Egyptian treasures that are not yet revealed.

Tuna el-Gebel in the city of Mallawi was the necropolis of Khmun. It contains monuments from the Greek and Roman eras, as well as the Late Middle Ages.

The area hosts the Boundary Stelae of Akhenaton, catacombs of falcons, baboons and ibises, and the tombs of Petosiris and Isadora.



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