American Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg explains his political agenda

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NBC News has an extensive interview with US Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana and the youngest candidate in the race so far for the US Presidential election in 2020 and who is also of Maltese descent.
In the interview Buttigieg, 37, expands on his idea of “intergenerational justice.” He defines the concept as more of a governing principle, rather than a set of policy prescriptions. NBC said that Buttigieg explained that it’s ensuring that choices made today are responsible and fair and that the distribution of the consequences is viewed not just in terms of how we distribute benefits and costs among people today, but also between people today and people tomorrow.

In its report, NBC divulges more in the issues that Buttigieg has identified as a crucial part of his message. Amongst them climate change, gun control, fiscal policy as well as the importance of the power of youth activism.

Buttigieg is the son of the late acclaimed Maltese professor Joseph Buttigieg who passed away earlier this year. Professor Joseph Buttigieg was raised and educated in Malta, to then eventually settle in the USA.

Pete Buttigieg, was born in Indiana and attended Harvard College, where he was president of the Harvard Institute of Politics Student Advisory Committee. He received a first class honors degree in philosophy, politics and economics in 2007 from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.

He was elected mayor of South Bend on November 8, 2011, becoming the youngest mayor of an US city with at least 100,000 residents.

In 2014 he served for seven months in Afghanistan as a lieutenant in the US Navy Reserves.

He was re-elected mayor in 2015.


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