Attack near the residence of Italian and Turkish ambassador in Libya

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The Italian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned an attack by reportedly by Khalifa Haftar’s forces in the Libya capital Tripoli late yesterday  evening close to the residence of Italian ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi.

The Italian Foreign Ministry in a statement said that “these indiscriminate attacks are totally unacceptable and denote contempt for the rules of international law and for human life”.

In the attack at least three people were killed and several other wounded.

The Turkish ambassador said that a Grad missile had struck the High Court building next to the embassy and another landed by the Foreign Ministry.

Wednesday’s Misrata blasts came after an attack by the pro-GNA forces on al-Watiya airbase west of the capital, one of the LNA’s most important strongholds in western Libya. The pro-GNA forces have also moved towards Tarhouna, another key LNA bastion.

Read more via ANSA/Reuters

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