Australian senator proposes ‘final solution’ for Muslim immigrants

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BBC reports thatOn Wednesday, lawmakers across the political divide moved to pass parliamentary motions censuring Australian senator Fraser Anning for his “racist hate speech”, noting in particular his use of the phrase “final solution”, and his “false, misleading and hurtful statements” about Muslim Australians and other immigrant groups.

Anning has been widely condemned for a speech that invoked the term “final solution” in a call for immigration restrictions based on race.

Fraser Anning, from the conservative Katter’s Australian Party, called for migration bans on Muslims and others in his maiden Senate speech on Tuesday.

Political opponents denounced his speech as “disgraceful”. Mr Anning said he did not need to apologise.

The term ‘final solution’ was a phrase used by Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany to describe the program of mass murder of the Jewish people.

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