UPDATED: Fifth victim from coronavirus in Italy as it struggles to contain outbreak

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There has been a fifth victim from the coronavirus in Italy. The fifth victim is an 88-year-old adult from Caselle Lanne, also in Lombardy .

Earlier, an 84 year old from Bergamo. There are currently 153 infected in the country, Italy has become one of the main fronts in the fight against coronavirus outside China. –

It comes as the number of people in the country infected with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, jumped sharply to 219 – with five people dying in 48 hours.

Austria on Sunday evening lifted a brief ban on trains traveling to and from Italy via a key international route. The block was imposed after two possible cases of the new coronavirus were discovered on board a train heading from Venice, Italy to Munich, in Germany.

The two passengers who were exhibiting symptoms were believed to be two German women.

The spokesperson said the two women were isolated from other passengers in a section of the train.

Austria stops train from Italy amid coronavirus
A view of the stopped train at the Brenner railway station at the border between Tyrol, Austria, and South Tyrol, Italy, seen from the Austria side on 23 February 2020. re already three people have died and more EPA-EFE/Johann Groder

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said that officials would meet on Monday to discuss whether Austria should re-establish border controls with Italy.

Trains will travel according to their normal schedules on Monday morning, the company added.

Austria had halted some train connections on Sunday evening at the Brenner pass with Italy, after officials reported that two passengers who were possibly infected with the coronavirus had been stopped.

The two passengers, while feverish, have since tested negative for the COVID-19 virus, Austria’s interior ministry said.

The northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto ordered schools and universities to close for at least a week, while museums and cinemas have been shut and the last two days of Venice Carnival called off.

Almost a dozen towns in Lombardy and Veneto, with a combined population of around 50,000 people, have effectively been placed under quarantine.

Residents have been urged to stay home and special permission is needed to enter or leave the designated areas.

Four Serie A football matches were postponed in the wake of the virus outbreak, while the Women’s Six Nations match between Italy and Scotland was cancelled.

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