Belgian intelligence services help foil attack on George W. Bush

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The FBI averted an attack on former US President George W. Bush earlier this year thanks to intelligence from Belgian security services, reported VRT. The tip allowed US security officials to arrest a cell of four terrorists.

Shihab Ahmed, an asylum seeker from Iraq, allegedly wanted to kill the former president at a speech in Dallas, Texas. He travelled to the ex-president’s residence in Dallas and Crawford for monitoring purposes and is said to have filmed the security apparatus around Bush’s house together with accomplices. However, one of these was an agent of US security services.

American intelligence was then tipped by Belgium, after Belgium had monitored the returned IS (Islamic State) fighters for years.

Belgian tip

One of the returned IS fighters suddenly began communicating with Shibab a lot, who could be a threat. According to VRT, some of the communication between the two involved people smuggling, which was intercepted by Belgian intelligence.

Read more via Brussels Times/VRT

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