Bolivian police ‘mutiny’ in opposition to Evo Morales

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Police in at least three Bolivian cities have declared mutinies and joined anti-government protests – a possible indication that parts of the security forces may be withdrawing their backing for President Evo Morales after weeks of unrest over disputed election results.

Bolivia’s defence minister, Javier Zavaleta, said on Friday that no military action would be taken against the police involved for now and the government would not mobilise troops as tens of thousands of Bolivians took to the streets in cities across the country.

The commander general of the Bolivian police said the officers had been “garrisoned” and had not mutinied.

Police officers mutiny in some areas of Bolivia amid anti-government protests
Bolivian police officers walk down a street during protests, in La Paz, Bolivia. According to media reports, there were recent incidents in which police officers have mutinied amid ongoing anti-government protest sparked by the contested 20 October general election. A group of police officers in the city of Cochabamba stormed their police station and insisted that their commander resign, due to his alleged support for President Evo Morales. The head of the national police, General Yui Calderon, denied reports of mutinies by police officers and called the situation in Cochabamba an isolated incident. EPA-EFE/MARTIN ALIPAZ

Bolivia’s interior minister Carlos Romero said a “coup strategy was taking place” in a televised address and hinted that talks could take place to try to resolve the escalating political crisis as protesters call for Morales to step down amid accusations of fraud in October’s presidential elections.


Via The Guardian

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