Britain refuses to join EU in ban on iPhone chargers

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Britain will refuse to fall in line with new EU rules on having a single charger that works across all mobile phones.

The Government said it was not “currently considering” matching EU legislation for a common phone charger for devices such as smartphones, tablets, portable speakers and, eventually, laptops.

That stance means that Apple iPhone chargers will be banned in Northern Ireland but not in the rest of the UK, because of the Brexit treaty that created the Irish Sea border.

The Northern Ireland Protocol means the province continues to follow some Single Market rules, including the Radio Equipment Directive, to prevent the need for a hard Irish border. 

The EU law means the portable devices will have to work with a USB type-C charger by 2024. Brussels said it would cut electronic waste by 11,000 tonnes annually and save consumers £213 million a year. 

The EU law will hit  Apple, which has its own “lightning connector”, hardest. The company claims the ban will stifle innovation. 

Apple could make its smartphones in the UK compliant with EU rules, to simplify processes, or it could supply Northern Ireland with phones entirely from the EU to avoid any customs checks on the Irish Sea border. 

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