British Professor warns of two new ‘telltale’ symptoms for Covid-19

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A leading professor has warned people to assume they have Covid if they wake up with two telltale symptoms.

Professor Tim Spector, founder of the Covid Zoe app, warned that fatigue in the morning, even after a good night’s sleep, and a sore throat might be signs of infection.

He added that a sore throat was more commonly reported in people with coronavirus than a regular common cold.

If you spot these two symptoms you should assume it’s Covid, Professor Spector wrote.

“There are twice as many Covid cases as common colds currently,” he tweeted. “The ratio has never been so high.

“Symptoms much the same except generally more fatigue and sore throat – so best to assume it’s Covid!

“Hopefully, this wave will be over soon.”

Professor Spector added: “Try to get tested if you can. If you can’t get tested, assume you’ve got a cold and stay away from other people until you feel better.”

Last week he said: “New study suggests that new BA4 and BA5 variants work by both evading the existing immune defences and also neutralising some of them. No surprise they are so successful as UK cases soar to record levels.”

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