Chamber of Advocates Announces Newly-Elected Council – Dr Louis de Gabriele reappointed Chamber President

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The newly-elected Council of the Chamber of Advocates yesterday convened for a first meeting, during which the Electoral Commissioner, Dr Philip Manduca, presented his report detailing the results of the elections held last week.

Dr Manduca invited the Council to nominate a member to occupy the role of President of the Chamber for the next term.  Dr Louis de Gabriele was nominated and unanimously approved for the role and will be serving for the coming three years, until 2023.

The new President then proceeded to propose members for other key roles within the Council which were discussed and also unanimously approved.

The new Council members will be occupying the following roles:

Dr Louis de Gabriele – President

Dr Stephen Tonna Lowell – Vice President

Dr Stefan Camilleri – Secretary General

Dr Peter Fenech – Financial Officer

Dr Anna Mifsud Bonnici – External Relations Officer

Dr Karl Briffa – Ethics Officer

Dr Matthew Brincat – Academic / Education Officer

Dr Jesmond Manicaro – Chairman of the Audit Committee

The other members of the Council are Dr Edward Gatt and Dr Timothy Bartolo.


Newly confirmed President Louis de Gabriele welcomed the composition of the new council, which consists of a mix of members who have already been on the council as well as new members who have been elected for the first time, thus allowing for continuity and also the input of fresh ideas to the debate within the council.

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