Children should be banned from using their mobile phones (UK)

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The Telegaph: Children should be banned from using their mobile phones at school, the culture secretary has said.

Not content with merely barring them from being used in the classroom, Matt Hancock has suggested that they be confiscated from children who carry them at the start of each school day.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, he warned that mobiles could have a “real impact” on students’ achievements and leave them exposed to increased amounts of bullying. He also questioned why youngsters needed to bring their phones to school in the first place.

Mr Hancock said that “setting boundaries” in relation to how much children were exposed to technology – and notably social media – was vital in protecting them from harm and encouraging them to use the internet safely.

“Studies have shown that mobile phones can have a real impact on working memory and fluid intelligence, even if the phone is on a table or in a bag,” he added.

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