China, US and EU agree to work together on AI safety at UK summit

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China agreed to work with the United States, European Union and other countries to collectively manage the risk from artificial intelligence at a British summit on Wednesday aimed at charting a safe way forward for the rapidly evolving technology.

Some tech executives and political leaders have warned the rapid development of AI poses an existential threat to the world if not controlled, sparking a race by governments and international institutions to design safeguards and regulation.In a first for Western efforts to manage its safe development, a Chinese vice minister joined U.S. and EU leaders and tech bosses such as Elon Musk and ChatGPT’s Sam Altman at Bletchley Park, home of Britain’s World War Two code-breakers.More than 25 countries present, including the United States and China, as well as the EU, signed a “Bletchley Declaration” saying countries needed to work together and establish a common approach on oversight.The declaration set out a two-pronged agenda focused on identifying risks of shared concern and building scientific understanding of them, while also developing cross-country policies to mitigate them.

via Reuters

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