Coffins fall into river after cemetery wing collapses in southern Italy

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Some 20 coffins fell into a southern Italian river after a cemetery wing collapsed after torrential rain recently near Benevento, local sources said.

The incident happened at Sant’Agata de Goti.

Some 80 urns also ended up in the river together with the coffins.

“That wing of the cemetery that collapsed” said the mayor of Sant’Agata de Goti, Salvatore Riccio, “was on a ‘dry’ stream that, with the heavy rains of the last few hours, has filled up with water, which probably caused the collapse”.

Aerial view of the damage at the cemetery in Sant’Agata de Goti, province of Benevento, Italy. About 20 coffins and 80 urns ended up in a torrent following the collapse of a wing of the cemetery due to bad weather. EPA-EFE/CESARE ABBATE


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