Concerns after Italian 18-year-old dies following AstraZeneca vaccination

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Italian health authorities are under pressure following the death of 18-year-old Camila Canepa after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine two weeks earlier .

Canepa, from Sestri Levante, died of very serious thrombosis and consequently cerebral haemorrhage after receiving the vaccine on the first open day in Liguria, aimed at those over the age of 18 and open to those who were willing to take the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The case of Camila Canepa has once again raised doubts in the scientific and medical community as to whether this type of vaccine should be given to young people and in particular young women.

Camila’s parents have authorised the donation of her organs to those in need and it is understood that five patients will benefit from this gesture.


Photo Facebook/EPA

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