Controversy follows Harry and Meghan to Canada

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex began their new lives in Canada by firing a warning shot across the bows of the media over paparazzi photographs they said were taken without consent.

Within hours of Prince Harry touching down in Vancouver to join Meghan and their baby son, Archie, the couple’s lawyers were threatening legal action over pictures taken of the Duchess of Sussex while out for a stroll.

The images, which were published by some UK outlets, showed the duchess walking in a public park on Vancouver Island. She was carrying Archie in a baby sling, while walking the couple’s two dogs, and was accompanied by two bodyguards.

Lawyers claim the photographs were taken without her consent by photographers hiding in bushes.

Harry’s arrival on Vancouver Island came just days after the couple reached an agreement with the Queen that will result in them leaving official royal duties for a financially independent future.

It was the first time the family has been reunited since it was announced they would drop their royal titles, repay the £2.4m public costs for the refurbishment of their Windsor home, and stop receiving money from the sovereign grant.

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