Coronavirus crisis leads to drop in UK in crime

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In the UK, the coronavirus crisis has led to a drop in recorded crime, by as much as 20% in some areas.

The Guardian reports that offences such as burglary and violence were down last week compared with the previous seven days, after Boris Johnson made his first request for people to stay home on the Monday.

The fall this week could be even larger after the prime minister changed his pleas for social distancing into an order to stay inside.

In one force, Durham, rated by inspectors as one of the best in England, the drop in crime was 20%. Officers recorded an average of 130 crimes a day, as opposed to an average of 165 the previous week.

However, police believe crime may start to increase as the lockdown and restrictions continue. Cooke said: “What you will see are increases in domestic violence, with people cooped up in the same home, and internet crime such as fraud and scams.”


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