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Your morning briefing with a quick review of the main news from portals and newspapers from Malta, Europe and around the world.

In Malta new regulations for the construction sector in Malta take most of the coverage on the front pages of today’s newspapers.

The Malta Independent quotes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who said that new regulations for the construction sector will be introduced today. Speaking in an interview, Muscat said that most operators do follow the rules but there are some who abuse the system.

The Times of Malta says that the Prime Minister defended his decision to suspend excavation works after a series of building collapses. Joseph Muscat clarified that in cases were halted project would pose a greater risk, architects may be given the option to proceed.

L-Orizzont also covers the interview with the Prime Minister who said that new regulations will close all loopholes for construction operators. Muscat said that he gives priority to people’s lives over the profits for developers.


World Headlines

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In other stories from Malta’s newspapers we read:

The Malta Independent says that Malta ranked among the five EU countries doing the least to reduce plastic waste. The paper speaks to several NGOs who are fighting single-use plastic items at beach events.

The Times of Malta speaks to the Consumers’ Association about amendments to the competition law. The Association said that the Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority could become ‘effectively toothless’.

In-Nazzjon says that bureaucracy at Intensity Malta is affecting foreign workers seeking permits, their employers, as well as the ID Malta staff. The paper speaks to a source who said that everyone involved is suffering because of appointments by favour.

L-Orizzont says that three Union Print journalists are among the finalists nominated for the Institute of Journalists Awards. In another story, the paper speaks to Doctors for Choice who argue that the morning after pill should be made available from the public hospital.

In-Nazzjon reveals that the Malta Police Association received several complaints for unpaid Extra Duty service. The paper says that officers have been waiting for months to receive their due payments.

Via Ci Consulta Be Informed Media Monitoring Service 

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