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These are the morning headlines chosen from our editorial team, from news sources from Malta and around the world for Tuesday.

Start your day informed.

Deaths and injuries reported 6.2 Earthquake hits Southern China – Read more

US to send 1,000 additional American troops to the Middle East as tensions with Iran increase – Read more

US releases new images showing Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing unexploded mine from Japanese owned tanker – Read more

The Times of Malta says that Bank of Valletta has confirmed that its sole correspondent bank providing US dollar services is terminating the relationship in December. BOV said it is seeking alternative correspondents.

In-Nazzjon follows a story about an allegation by a couple who they lost their unborn baby because Mater Dei hospital wanted first to settle payments. The expectant Romanian mother and Serbian father are taking legal steps for professional negligence.

Eight people loose live while crossing the Mediterranean – Turkish Coastguard – Read more

Amnesty International, an international pressure group that campaigns against the imprisonment of political prisoners, has called for an “impartial, thorough and transparent” investigation into Morsi’s death. – Read more

Chinese President to make a state visit to North Korea this week – ‘Explosion’ minutes after announcement causes small “earthquake” – Read more

Italy is most credible and solid interlocutor of the US in the EU – Pompeo – Read more 

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia told a meeting of the PN executive on Monday that he will present the parliamentary group with a plan on the way forward, with him at the helm. – The Times of Malta

Meanwhile, his closest collaborator and head of the PN media arm, Pierre Portelli, announced his resignation.Portelli resigned from the post of head of the Nationalist Party’s media communications section with immediate effect. In an announcement on Facebook, Portelli said that the resignation was handed to leader Adrian Delia last week. He urged me to reconsider but the events that unfolded during today’s Executive Council meeting reinforced my concerns. – The Malta Independent 

API technology and collaborative economy’s contribution towards Air Malta’s success – BBC – Read more 

Buttigieg abruptly suspends presidential campaign trail after fatal shooting by a police officer in his mayoral city of South Bend – Read more

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says emails suggesting his involvement in a scandal involving his previous coalition partners are fakes. – Read more

48-year-old Italian man imprisoned for abusing three girls (11-13) after posing as a young girl on WhatsApp – Read more

Nothing set in Spain’s political scenario as coalition talks gets nowhere, anywhere – Read more

Facebook sets eyes to become world’s leading ecommerce platform as it launches its cryptocurrency on Tuesday – Read more

The Malta Independent leads with amendments in construction regulations proposing an obligatory Geotechnical Design Report for projects that require excavation and steeper fines if enforcement orders are ignored.

L-Orizzont says that the new building regulations put greater professional responsibility on architects who will now have to issue a signed method statement. The paper says the proposals will increase safety in the industry.

In-Nazzjon covers the presentation of the draft building law and says that the Prime Minister is shifting the blame onto contractors. The paper says Joseph Muscat was challenged on the ineffectiveness of authorities.

The Times of Malta carries a story about plans approved by the Planning Authority to restore Fort Ricasoli in Kalkara. The fort is the largest in Malta and the sea has already eaten into parts of its bastions.

The Malta Independent publishes an announcement by the Prime Minister that government is investing €40 million in Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence to digitise public administration.

L-Orizzont says that the strategic plan for the digitisation of public administration covers the years 2019-2022 and carries 150 specific milestones. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said citizens will remain at the heart of the government’s policies.

L-Orizzont announces that the General Workers Union signed the first collective agreement for the employees of the Regulator for Energy and Water Services. The agreement not only raises salaries, says the paper, but introduces training and development benefits.

FIFA on alert for match-fixing during women’s Football World Cup – Read more 

“Leaving Roma is like dying. I feel like it’d be better if I died”. – Francesco Totti announces he’s leaving Roma – Read more 

Art auction house Sotheby’s sold in a $3.7 billion deal – Read more 

Megadeth’s vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine announces he’s diagnosed with throat cancer – Read more 

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