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Good morning,

These are the headlines in Malta’s newspapers.

MaltaToday reports that Russia has blocked a Maltese attempt at placing oil smuggling suspects Darren Debono and Gordon Debono on a United Nations sanctions list, with a last-minute veto on a Security Council derogation.

The report says that “despite enjoying the full support of the UN security council and various UN members, Malta’s designation of the oil smuggling suspects were foiled at the last minute.

The report says that Malta had support from several countries who are seeking to stem the bunkering and traffic of smuggled fuel on the high seas.

Illum reports that property agents have expressed their concern with the newspaper that the sales of property went down in the last weeks. This trend, which was confirmed by MDA President Sandro Chetcuti, started soon after the fall of the construction project in Mellieha.

Louis Galea told newspaper ILLUM that he does not intend becoming an interim PN leader. In an interview with the newspaper, Galea is quoted saying that his task will be for one year. Speaking to Il-Mument Louis Galea is reported saying that the current difficulties that the PN is facing, can only be won if there is willingness and genuine intentions.

In another story, Il-Mument reports that the PN Executive will be discussing the next General Council meeting proceedings during a meeting on Tuesday.

Il-Mument also carries a story quoting PN leader Adrian Delia, where he’s reported saying that public land should not be ‘donated’ for free.

The Malta Independent on Sunday reports that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is expected to nominate Ministers Helena Dalli and Edward Scicluna to the European Commission. The newspaper reports that Minister Scicluna seems not interested in contesting another general election on account of his age but he is eager to give the EU job a go. Although he’s praised in some quarters for the economic results attained by Malta, he is certain to face tough grilling on issues such as Panama Papers, Malta’s money laundering failures and Pilatus Bank. Helena Dalli is reported that she has also demanded the post. Dalli’s ‘track record’ on civil liberties would be in her advantage. However ‘while Dalli is not politically responsible for incidents and scandals, she would still be grilled about these matters by MEPs.

In another story, Malta Independent on Sunday reports about the rumours surrounding Joseph Muscat’s future, specifically on whether he would stay or go, with sources saying that the PM is expected to start packing by end of year, with others saying he might stay on.

The Sunday Times reports that international experts are expected to deliver a poor assessment of Malta’s anti-money laundering regime. The newspaper says it is informed that Moneyval is likely to give Malta one-year time window to address a series of short comings in its anti-money laundering efforts or face the threat of eventual blacklist. The report says that the likelihood is that Malta will be grey listed, which would place Malta among other countries which have strategic deficiencies when it comest to anti-money laundering enforcement.

Prime Minister’s wife Michelle Muscat successful completion of her swimming challenge for charity is featured on Il-Kullhadd front page under the title ‘She’s done it again’ (translated).

In another story we read about how families are benefitting from subsidies in the rent.

Another story on the front-page of the newspaper leads to a report within the newspaper, and which refers to the credit-rating agency FITCH’s report on Malta. This is also reported on the front page of newspaper It-Torċa. 

It-Torċa reports that the credit rating agency gave Malta the best ever rating Malta received, A+.

In another story, the newspaper reports that those who have ignored the call for breast cancer screening will be called again.

The main story of the newspaper focuses on the set up of an Academy of excellence in Malta linked to the production of medicinal cannabis.


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