Corporate Dispatch Morning Briefing – Thursday 23rd May 2019

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As expected the debate between the leaders of the main political parties in Malta takes most of the coverage in today’s newspapers. Internationally the latest in Libya, the UK and the pressure on May to resign take most of the attention.

Here are the newspaper front page stories from Malta.

NewsPaper Review

The Malta Business Weekly reports a drop in the Economic Sentiment Indicator to 107.2 in the final quarter of 2018, from 114.6 in the third quarter. ESI fell below the average in the Euro area of 108.9 but is still higher that the long-term average of 100.1.

The Malta Independent reports o a ‘cordial’ final debate between the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader ahead of the elections on Saturday. The two leaders discussed a range of themes including abortion, immigration, and the latest Council of Europe report.

The Times also covers the debate and quotes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat that the government should have been more sensitive to environmental issues. Turning to the Individual Investor Programme, Adrian Delia said the PN does not support the scheme.

L-Orizzont also reports on the debate and quotes Joseph Muscat who dismissed claims by Adrian Delia that the European Socialists want to impose tax harmonisation and abortion. Muscat said that the two areas are the competence of member states.

In-Nazzjon says that Adrian Delia delivered a confident and convincing performance in the final debate. The paper says that the Prime Minister failed to give clear answers on tax harmonisation proposed by the European Socialists.

The Malta Independent says that the government is expected to reply to ‘inaccuracies’ in the Council of Europe report published this week. The document warns that a weak system of checks and balances is undermining the rule of law in Malta.

The Times says that the physiotherapy department and St Luke’s Hospital is refraining from treating new patients as part of directives against Steward Healthcare by the union of Midwives and Nurses. The paper says that some 300 patients daily will be affected.

L-Orizzont says Saturday’s elections are important and encourages ‘passive’ voters to take interest in themes of national significance. The paper says that there is only one choice to be made: a vote for Labour.

In-Nazzjon appeals for reflection ahead of the MEP and Local Council elections. The paper says that the PN ran a campaign built on substance and reasoned arguments, funded by modest contributions from thousands of supporters.

This our selection of headlines from around the world.

News Headline

Libya: Haftar says no Libyan ceasefire for now – Read More

Libya: Over 510 dead, close to 2,500 injured since Tripoli clashes started – Read More

European Elections : Barnier has what it takes to be the European Commission’s next President – Macron

Brexit: Andrea Leadsom, House of Commons leader, resigns over Theresa May Brexit bill – Read More

USA: Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who represented porn star Stormy Daniels against Trump after she claimed to have had an affair with the president, has been charged with allegedly ripping her off.- Read More

Facebook: 500 suspicious groups suspected of disseminating fake news detected on Facebook – Read More

India: India’s Modi takes early lead as vote counting begins – Read More

Gulf – UAE to guarantee maritime freedom in the region – Read More

CyberSecurity – Computer system of Baltimore in the US locked down by hackers – Read More



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