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Your morning briefing presents you the latest headlines from various news sources from Malta, Europe and the World.

These are the world headlines:

Magnitude 7.4 earthquake  in South Pacific

Saudi Arabia wants maritime protection for tanker traffic in the Gulf

Hundreds told to evacuate in UK due to flooding

Harsh criticism from Trump directed at London Mayor Khan after three killed in London

An initiative to raise awareness of neuro-developmental disorders at Heathrow airport

More tourist deaths reported at Dominican Republic resorts

British Airways Flight, Bravo Alpha Pappa, Takes Off To Celebrate Father’s Day

These are the main stories from Malta’s Sunday NewsPapers 


Malta Today leads with statements by Kris Bajada accusing long-time friend and former business partner Adrian Delia of spin about the FIAU investigation into a Barclays account in Jersey. Bajada said he has no doubt Delia opened and managed the account.

The Sunday Times reveals that PN leader Adrian Delia is to take a decision by Tuesday about his future after a majority within the party’s parliamentary group asked him to step aside. The paper says that two meetings held last week were very cordial.

The Independent on Sunday speaks to Council of Europe special rapporteur on Malta, Peter Omtzigt, about the amendments in law by the government. The Dutch MP said it would have been better if comprehensive changes were made instead of piecemeal modifications.

Malta Today says that a University of Malta study found that water sources are contaminated by perchlorate, a chemical used in the production of fireworks. Lecturer Colette Pace said that, added to other pollutants, perchlorate in water poses a health risk to children.

The Sunday Times says that residents who lived in the apartment block that collapsed in Mimosa Street on Thursday have been left traumatised, waking up in a state of shock. 16 adults have been evacuated from their homes.

The Independent on Sunday quotes a healthcare professional working at Mount Carmel hospital who described life at the institution as ‘scenes from the Florence Nightingale era’. The unidentified source said that food and service at the hospital is degrading to patients.

Illum carries an interview with Jude Amin Utalu, a former FIFA Elite referee who was suspended by the Malta Football Association. Utalu said that that the Association believed someone who allegedly fixed matches.

Kulħadd says PN leader Adrian Delia has defied an ultimatum by the party’s parliamentary group to resign. It says pressure is being now mounted on sectional committees in towns to publicly condemn Delia.

It-Torċa reports that Air Malta is considering offering maintenance services to the Malta Air fleet. Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi confirmed that the national airline is exploring the possibility.

Il-Mument covers a district meeting between PN leader Adrian Delia and party members in Gozo. The paper says the meeting was the first in a planned series of thirteen and openly discussed matters internal to the party.

It-Torċa says that cleaners in schools and colleges are facing a new type of precarious work as operators reduce their hours during the summer months. The paper says that outsourcing of services to third parties allows for such conditions.

Illum carries a story about a five-year-old who was left waiting outside her school on her own at 6:30am. The paper says this is not a isolated case and many parents expressed similar concerns.

Il-Mument says that residents of the apartments in Mimosa street set up a roster to guard the collapsed building from thieves. Families took it in turns to watch the area at the night since the incident.

It-Torċa says that the Nationalist Party is going through a financial crisis as donations went down by half in the last months. The paper says that the party collected €1.8 million less in 018 than in 2017.

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