Corporate ID Group Announces New Appointments, New Brussels Office

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Corp Group PiecesCorporate ID Group is announcing new appointments and a new presence in Brussels through the opening of an EU Affairs office in Brussels. This new office will provide the relevant presence for Corporate ID Group and its various operations with an international presence specifically targeted at enabling EU Affairs related support for its clients.

Dr Ylenia Micallef Grimaud as EU Affairs Advisory Partner, will be heading and coordinating the EU Affairs Unit within the newly set up Diplomatique | Expert. This aspires to be the primary source in Malta for research and advice to keep its clients them informed of trends, scenarios and developments in a number of areas and fields both in Malta and within the Med, within a global context.  The aim is to provide its clients compelling objective and no hidden agendas research reports focused on the key issues one can face today and also what’s on the horizon.

Jesmond Saliba, Executive Chairman of Corporate ID Group said that “the rapid changes occurring on every level from the international stage to the smallest community only highlight the need for more informed opinion and broader perspectives. Corporate ID Group set out to create this space where specialists can speak freely and where the interested public can turn to. It stems from the need of factual, no-hidden agenda and objective analysis of what’s going on.

The pool of experts and level of expertise at Diplomatique.Expert has been also strengthened through an alliance with Geo Political Consultant Matthew Bugeja, so as the information and analysis and not only, of geo-political nature related to situations in the Mediterranean and Europe that have a considerable impact on the world of politics, economics and security are holistic and objective.

Saliba added “Diplomatique.Expert will be a real-life professional network linking over 40 experts in Malta and beyond, across a variety of fields   This is a unique platform connecting the most knowledgeable, most authoritative voices in the country to offer insight and vision into the most pressing issues. The rapid changes occurring on every level from the international stage to the smallest community only highlight the need for more informed opinion and broader perspectives.”

Ms Isabelle Micallef Bonello will be the Executive Director for the recently launched Advocacy for Legacy initiative. Since the launch of its concept, Advocacy for Legacy has gathered a momentum and attracted to it over 150 of professionals from all spheres of life with the aim of developing initiatives and programmes of preventive nature to empower children.

Saliba said that “the support from educators, people working in social welfare, all the main sport associations and a good representation from the voluntary organisations who are in direct link with children has already expressed their interest in this initiative. This support, coupled with that from the business community confirms the need of such initiative. Isabelle will be responsible to assist in the coordination of the research and work which will be directed by Advocacy for Legacy’s Core Group, developed by a professional policy team based on the input of six policy area focus groups and in full synergy with all exisitent structures operating in this field in Malta.”

Mr Nathanael Muscat has been appointed as Content, PR and Media Relations Executive with the strategic communications arm within the group  Corporate Identities.

Saliba commented that “our service offering is mostly content driven. We believe that any communications approach needs to be strategic, deployed in a planned manner, be insight led and supported by a strong creative element that delivers an end-product that is unique, complete and most importantly, effective. As such Nathanael will be joining James Vella Clark the company’s Creative Director and Public Relations Manager and will complement our offering, through his insight, experience and expertise with the aim of further strengthening our proposition which recently also saw the appointment of Matthew Borg as Art Director of Corporate Identities | Boldmark Creative and Alison Bezzina of Director of WeAreWhatWeShare, to offer expert digital marketing experience in the multi-channel communications service offering of Corporate Identities.”

About the new team members.

Ylenia graduated will be  lawyer in 2005 and holds a Masters in Law in European and Comparative Law awarded in 2012 from the University of Malta. Between 2005 and 2009 she worked as a lawyer with the European Commission’s Legal Service and in the European Parliament’s Tabling Office. On her return to Malta in 2010, she joined MSV Life plc’s legal and compliance unit and later was promoted to the post of Senior Manager in the CEO’s Office. Ylenia was also visiting lecturer in European Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Malta. She also held the post of Policy Officer at the European Commission’s DG Justice for a brief period.

Isabelle graduated B. Com. (Hons) Management and later achieved her MBA from the University of Malta and proceeded to work as a Business Executive with the Institute for the Promotion of Small Enterprise (IPSE). In 2002, Isabelle joined the eMalta Commission as a Research Assistant to work on the design and implementation of Malta’s ICT strategy, including projects to increase digital literacy in the community and to introduce various ICT certifications in the private and public education system.  In 2004, Isabelle joined the Information Society Secretariat, within the Ministry for IT and Investment in charge of the implementation of ICT within the business community.

Nathanael graduated in International Marketing and Brand Management from the Lund School of Economics and Management in Sweden. His primary professional experience is in corporate communications and was involved in several national campaigns. Nathanael has an active background in civic engagement, particularly in the field of youth empowerment. In his new role at Corporate Identities, Nathanael is handlinga number of communications and branding briefs for the company’s growing portfolio of clients.

Matthew read for his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Malta. He has worked in both the private and public sectors in personal and public finance, whilst lecturing on a biennial basis at the University of Malta’s Department of International Relations as a Visiting Assistant Lecturer. He has had several publications in recent years, with several books published, along with interviews and op-eds featured by companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, the Times of Malta and MaltaToday.

This is a News Release of Corporate ID Group, the company behind this platform. 

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