Covid-19: US adds more than 56,000 new cases as hospitals struggle to cope

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The United States has recorded 56,336 new Covid-19 cases and 1,076 virus-related deaths in the past 24 hours, according to Johns Hopkins University.
In total, at least 4,290,259 coronavirus cases have been recorded in the US, including at least 148,011 deaths, according to JHU.
The totals include cases from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and other US territories, as well as repatriated cases.

Hospitals around the country are struggling to cope with the emotional and physical impact of treating a crushing wave of COVID-19 patients.
In some states, Florida at the forefront, the challenge seems unsurmountable. After seeing 10,000 new cases a day become the norm across the state in July, many of those on the frontlines are frustrated with the apparent inability of local, state, and federal governments to coordinate an adequate response. They are equally aghast with what appears to be the reluctance or refusal of many Floridians to honor safety precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

“I know, and my colleagues know, that we’re putting a Band-Aid on a problem, we’re supporting people as best we can to get them through, but the real fight happens outside,” said Dr. Eric Knott, a pulmonary and critical care fellow working in three of Miami’s largest hospitals. “If you can’t stop the spread, all of my work is for nothing.”

For Miami doctors, concerns about the virus far surpass those stirred up by even the largest hurricanes.

via Reuters /  CNN

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