Covid patients in ICU almost all unvaccinated – Oxford scientist

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Covid-19 is no longer a disease of the vaccinated, the head of the Oxford jab programme has said.

According to Prof Sir Andrew Pollard, even though coronavirus case numbers remain high and infecting thousands, most of those who are fully vaccinated will experience only “mild infections” that are “little more than an unpleasant inconvenience”.

In an article on The Guardian, Pollard said: “Among the general public, the pandemic is still regarded as a silent pestilence, made visible in the images of patients fighting for their next breath … This ongoing horror, which is taking place across ICUs in Britain, is now largely restricted to unvaccinated people.

“Generally, Covid-19 is no longer a disease of the vaccinated; vaccines tend to limit its suffocating affliction, with a few exceptions.”

The latest wave of the virus in the UK, which is now rising rapidly in parts of Europe, will directly translate into a stream of mostly unvaccinated patients entering ICU, Pollard wrote in the article jointly authored with Prof Brian Angus, professor of infectious disease at the University of Oxford. To prevent serious illness, these people need first and second doses of the vaccine as soon as possible.

“For those of us fortunate enough to have already been vaccinated, the story now seems very different. For most vaccinated individuals, these mild infections are little more than an unpleasant inconvenience.”

This does not mean that vaccinated persons are not taking up hospital beds. Pollard and Angus argued that for those who are very frail, immunocompromised or have underlying health conditions, Pollard and Angus said, Covid infections can still be “enough to destabilise them” and cause “serious, life-threatening health problems that add to the pressure on the NHS”.

via The Guardian

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