Covid-19 Malta Daily Bulletin – Saturday 21st March 2020

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Update 12:34

Prof Gauci announced that nine new cases were reported, from 233 swabs taken. These concern six Maltese nationals, a British woman, a Somali and an Indian. Two of these cases concern Maltese men who had not travelled and had no contact with such persons, therefore constituting cases of locally-transmitted situations.

The total of cases has now reached 73. The absolute majority are related to travel.

Prof Gauci reported that the elder person reported yesterday has experienced complications and has been transferred to ITU.

She also indicated that one of the patients worked at Balzan Pharmacy and persons who visited the pharmacy on 16th and 17th March should self-isolate.

Referring to “stories on social media regarding a bank”, Prof Gauci said that no bank employee has so far tested positive.

Update 12:31
Health Superintendent Prof. Charmaine Gauci is expected to address a press conference in the next few minutes.


Two weeks have now passed since the first coronavirus case was registered in Malta. The number of positive patients has now gone up to 64, with 11 being added to the list yesterday, including a first case from Gozo.

For the first time as well, one of the cases, concerning a 61-year-old, presented complications related to pneumonia.

The patient from Gozo, aged 69, concerns a man who has not traveled abroad. It is likely that he contracted the virus after attending a meeting during which a number of people attended. This case therefore appears to reflect community transmission on the sister island.

In terms of economic impact, while Government remained largely silent on the economic measures announced last Thursday, the Opposition insisted for stronger interventionist decisions, including a reduction in tariffs and the coverage of 50% of salaries of those workers in endangered jobs. Unions and constituted bodies continued in their demands for stronger support.

Meanwhile, the Times of Malta reported that eight people were caught breaking quarantine rules during the previous day, while three establishments also found open, being fined 3,000 euro each.

The BOV Branch in Ibragg closed down yesterday after one of its employees displayed symptoms of the virus. While the test has not yet been conclusive, the rest of the colleagues have been quarantined.

The Vatican has suspended celebrations related to Holy Week and Easter and recommended how the clergy can offer those celebrations in an alternative manner. The Maltese Curia has confirmed that these directives applied to Malta, too.


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