Cypriot Justice Minister resigns over serial killer case

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Ionas Nicolaou, the Justice Minister of Cyprus, has resigned over the country’s serial killer case.

There has been strong criticism directed to the police for their handling of investigations into missing persons’ among whom were some of the serial killer’s victims..

Nicolaou said that he was stepping down because it was a matter of conscience and principle. But he insisted that he bore no responsibility in the apparent lapses by police in its initial handling of missing persons’ cases.

The Minister insisted that he  was stepping down because it was a matter of conscience and principle

He said a key reason that led to his resignation was that those investigative gaps concern not only the police but also society’s attitudes and perceptions that honour none of us.

Body found of victims of a killer in Cyprus
Police officers, rescuers and divers during the search for human remains of a suspected serial killer in a man-made lake near the village of Mitsero, Cyprus

A Cypriot army captain, Nikos Metaxas, has admitted to killing seven foreign women and girls as police continue the search for the bodies of three of the victims.

The 35-year-old  told investigators he dumped three of his victims after putting them inside suitcases in a lake.

The body of an adult woman inside a suitcase weighed down by a cement block was retrieved Sunday from the lake. But authorities have had difficulty locating the other two suitcases, despite using a robotic camera, because of very poor visibility in the lake that is part of a disused copper pyrite mine.



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