Danish ferry powerless in Baltic after engine broke down

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A Danish ferry operator said 294 passengers were stranded after the engine broke down on one of its ships in the Baltic Sea.The Lithuanian-flagged ferry owning company said that no one is reported injured.

“A rescue operation is ongoing,” the head of the Kaliningrad Maritime Rescue Service told Interfax news agency. The vessel, named Regina Seaways, is owned by the Danish shipping company DFDS according to Denmark’s public broadcaster NRK, citing Lithuanian media.The Lithuanian military had earlier reported that there was a fire on the vessel because of an explosion in the engine room.The country’s air force said it had sent a helicopter and two more were on standby.

The ferry operator DFDS has since said the malfunction aboard the Regina Seaways produced smoke, which triggered the fire extinguishing system in the engine room.DFDS had said that passengers were assembled at emergency points in preparation for a possible evacuation, but it was not necessary because the “situation is under control”.


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