Dar tal-Providenza finds timely support in Bad Boy Cleaners

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Bad Boy Cleaners employees donated their time to residents at Dar tal-Providenza to fill in for regular cleaning staff who cannot report for work because of the ongoing emergency.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that employees and volunteers at Dar tal-Providenza were forced to drastically limit their working hours to stay with their families and observe social distancing rules. In the situation, Bad Boy Cleaners came forward to support Dar tal-Providenza with complimentary cleaning and maintenance services by professional staff.

Claudine Ellul Sullivan, Bad Boy Cleaners managing director, said that the company understood immediately that the outbreak would impact the residents at Dar tal-Providenza adversely and offered to help with what they can do best.

“We are proud of our employees for the commitment and drive they have shown,” said Ellul Sullivan. “Since my father founded the company fifty years ago, Bad Boy Cleaners has always kept close to people in vulnerable conditions.”

The director of Dar tal-Providenza, Fr Martin Micallef, thanked the management and employees at Bad Boy Cleaners for their generosity and “impeccable” service to residents.

“The initiative by Bad Boy Cleaners came at just the right time,” said Fr Micallef, explaining how Dar tal-Providenza experienced a sharp drop in funds and volunteers in the wake of the pandemic, while many regular employees had to cut back their time. “This is a tough period for residents who depend on the goodwill of hundreds of individuals and companies for their care.”

The Bad Boys Cleaners managing director said that the business community in Malta has an important role to play during the coronavirus emergency and encouraged other companies to do their share.


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