Deadly virus re-emerges in China which experts confirm can spread from person to person

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A deadly virus has re-emerged in China, infecting more than 60 people and killing seven.

The highly pathogenic, tick-borne novel bunyavirus can lead to thrombocytopenia syndrome.

It causes a viral haemorrhagic fever and has re-emerged in rural areas of China.

Experts now believe the virus can be transmitted from person to person.

People can infect others via blood, the respiratory tract and wounds.

The virus can also spread to people via infected animals.

Most people are infected from tick bites.

The virus was first discovered in China’s central Henan and eastern Anhui provinces in 2009.

The disease has since spread to Taiwan, with a man in his 70s developing a fever and experiencing severe vomiting after contracting the virus last year.

He had no recent history of international travel but often went walking in the mountains.

There is no known vaccine or medications that can target the virus


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