Death toll among doctors in Italy up to 25

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A family doctor, Domenico De Gilio, died in Lecco Tuesday taking the coronavirus death toll among Italian doctors up to 25.
“The toll is continuing to rise”, said the federation of doctors’ guilds, FNOMCEO.

The toll includes retired doctors who are no longer active, FNOMCEO said.

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Some 4,824 health operators have now been infected, twice as many as China, the Higher Health Institute (ISS) said Monday.

Lombardy is the worst-hit Italian region and Emilia-Romagna is the second-worst hit. Italy has had more deaths than China.

It is urgent to carry out “blanket” swabs on all health workers on the front line against the coronavirus, FNOMCEO President Filippo Agnelli told ANSA Monday.

The instruction from the technical committee to “extend the use of the swabs to all health staff” has not been respected by the “vast majority of regions”, he said.
“Doctors are continuing to die and this situation is unacceptable”.

Meanwhile, a 34-year-old Italian nurse at the intensive care unit of Monza’s San Gerardo Hospital committed suicide Tuesday, the national nurses’ guilds’ federation said, adding that she was positive for the coronavirus and “had been living with heavy stress out of the fear of having infected others”.

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