Deaths in Bergamo, Italy, more than city can handle

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The Italian city of Bergamo, one of the worst-hit by the coronavirus outbreak, is having to transport its dead out of the city as its crematorium is struggling to cope.

Army vehicles have been brought in to move dozens of coffins from Bergamo to other regions, according to Ansa news agency

Pope Francis on Wednesday called the bishop of Bergamo to voice his support and sympathy for one of Italy’s communities hardest hit by the coronavirus, the bishop told reporters.

“This morning Pope Francis called me on the phone,” said Msgr Francesco Beschi.

“The Holy Father was very affectionate showing his paternal sympathy to me, the priests, the sick, to those who treat them and to all our community.

“He wanted to ask for details on the situation that Bergamo is living through, on which he was very well informed. He was very struck by the very many deceased and for the detachment which families are forced to experience in such a painful way”.

Read more via ANSA / Corriere della Sera 


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