Developing Story : Eight people injured after suspected terrorist attack in Sweden

Several people had been attacked with an "axe" near Bangårdsgatan
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STOCKHOLM, March 3 (Reuters/Euronews/EPA) – Swedish police is investigating a knife attack in the southern town of Vetlanda earlier on Wednesday as a possible ‘terror crime’, the police said on its web page. Eight people are confirmed to have been injured in the incident, which took place around 190 kilometres from Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city.

EPA-EFE/Mikael Fritzon

Euronews reports that authorities first received reports shortly before 3.00 PM CET that several people had been attacked with an “axe” near Bangårdsgatan. The first police patrols arrived at the town’s centre 10 minutes later.

One suspect in his 20s was shot by police at the scene and has been arrested.

EPA-EFE/Mikael Fritzon

CDE News via Reuters / Euronews

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