Di Maio calls for a German style coalition agreement

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ec5910b4d0ce0be11c73a94cb3a62256.jpgThere’s something fascinating about the Italian way of doing politics. This applies especially to the narrative and the way it is expressed. There are the mass meetings, there are the events, there is television. Twitter isn’t there yet. The communications tools vary depending on the status of the relations between opposing factions. What remains fascinating and carries weight are the letters of the party leaders on the printed media. Just like Silvio Berlusconi did some weeks ago, this time it was the turn of Luigi di Maio the leader of the M5s to write a letter Renzi and the PD. Once again, the medium was Il Corriere della Sera. 

In his letter, Di Maio, proposes a contract on the lines of how German parties enter into coalitions. He stresses that this letter is aimed to put the immediate actions, aimed at improving the quality of life of the Italians, on paper. It also intends to interpret the spirit of the third republic as much as possible.

He argues that any proposed arrangement won’t be an alliance. He explains that an alliance is an exchange of seats, a power of power. “We do not care. We were born to do something else. The 5 Star Movement is the first Italian political force because it has very precise identities and values, which we defend without compromise. Our identity and what we have told Italians before the vote are the starting points for me. We have always defended the central role of the Parliament and will carry forward the demands of the citizens also through the introduction of instruments of direct democracy such as proactive referendums, proposals for bills of popular initiative, consultations in the realisation of great works. Tools used in many modern democracies and benefiting from it are not only the quality of democracy, but above all the quality of governance.”

In his letter, Di Maio refers to issues of how an approach towards migration, the issue related to Dublin Mechanism and repatriation, the pertinent fight against the Mafia and the issue of governance. 




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